May 02

Dinner at Dizzy’s

So clearly I could not stay away from Dizzy’s for very long. I have been constantly eating brunch at Dizzy’s so I was curious to find out what kind of goodies they had for dinner. So let’s get right to it, shall we!

BBQ Ribs: We started things off with an appetizer of BBQ Ribs. Right away I was pretty certain that I would enjoy these ribs because I prefer saucy ribs as opposed to dry rub ribs. It didn’t take long to confirm my thoughts. The ribs were great! They were very soft and tender, covered in a sweet yet slightly tangy BBQ sauce. I could be wrong but for some reason I thought there was a slight sprinkle of parmesan cheese on these ribs. All in all they were quite tasty but because this was only an appetizer, the portion was small. I would gladly vote to make these ribs into an entree.

Fried Chicken: It’s very difficult for me to pass up on fried chicken when I see it on the menu. I’ve had fried chicken in many places. Some good and some not so good so of course I needed to know how Dizzy’s chicken stood up to the rest. The chicken was served with a small portion of cheesy grits as well as a portion of buttered peas and carrots. The chicken looked very crispy and I definitely like that. I took my first bite from a piece of wing and let me tell you the chicken had some serious crunch to it. The skin was crisp and flavorful however I was then quickly disappointed because once I got passed the crust, the meat itself was lacking any flavor. I think a good fried chicken consists of great flavor not only on the outside but most certainly cooked deep into the meat as well. So Dizzy’s fried chicken was ok. It wasn’t great though. As for the cheesy grits and veggies: ehhhh. No matter! Like I always say you cannot judge a place by a single dish and I knew we had more stuff on the way.

Tofu Curry: All I can say about this is: solid. A good healthy alternative. Not really spicy yet sweet from the cooked peppers. I’ve had better curry of course but I could easily see myself ordering this dish at Dizzy’s.

Pulled Pork Sandwich: Mmmm! Sweet, delicious, tender pulled pork in a wonderful sweet broth. Piled high with a crisp and tasty layer of slaw. Alongside the sandwich were some of the best hush puppies I’ve ever had. Thumbs up for this dish!

Chocolate Cake: Obviously I need to have dessert! I’ve had pies at Dizzy’s before and they were ok so this time opted for the chocolate cake instead. That turned out to be a great call! This cake was super moist and very rich and chocolatey. Fresh and delicious, especially with a nice cup of Dizzy’s excellent coffee.

Well as you can see I wasn’t thrilled about every single thing we had but so what! Not everything has to always be super fantastic to make a place great. The ribs and the pulled pork sandwich will definitely make me come back for dinner or just to stop by for a slice of that awesome chocolate cake with a cup of coffee.

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